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im 4"11. 
100 lbs. 
very oldfashioned. i dont do what most people do today. it seems that everyone is using social media and is under the impression that someone to text is actually the same thing as having a relationship. i for one, am not like that. i prefer to speak on the phone and go out on a romantic date, dress nice and look pretty. and i dont have any social media so i dont record every bit of my life and post it to something that nobody really cares about (etc snapchat or instagram) which is lame. for someone whos 22 you will never believe my taste in music or movies. very into the 60's to 90's era. ive been told im an old soul with a youthful spirit. i get more along with older people because i was definetly born in the wrong time. i prefer a man whos about maybe years my senior. ive never really traveled the world and thats something i would really like to do with a man. im 100% monogamous and dont believe in sharing partners. i know theres some men out there to that way too . contact me if your the same way. looking for a rare guy who can make me smile like no tomorrow. i like being romanced and believe in privacy. 
Im a pretty healthy eater when it comes to it. 
very down to earth girl, who knows the true meaning of being a woman, cooking,cleaning,working.older men have told me a diamond in the rough. and they say its refreshing to find someone like me, who relates to them on a high level at such a young age and does nothing like most 22 year olds today.when theres a problem i fix it,i dont run away from it. 

Simple details 
Age :22 to be 23 in the summer . 
Favorite movie :titanic 
Favorite music :60s, & 90s freestyle 
Favorite food :italian 
Favorite snack :chocolate covered pineapples I have really Cute feet :) 
I love coconut milk 
I love chocolate a lot 
I loveeee Elton John too the only thing I can't stand about that the rocket man is the fact that it ends


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