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OK guys, don't be scared, I have 1 mission, be the best matchmaker that I can be, I have set up 100s and now shooting for 1000. The plan is simple, sign up here, no cost, no credit cards and no bull, still scared? than write me, I am a happy person and have a great time each and every day, I am glad you found me. If you join me here at I will be sure that you get a free 1 year membership with 100% of the free perks that MatchGirls has to offer. You ask, what's the catch? there isn't one, be happy, find the perfect mate here, I am here to help!!! Adrian

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Adrian added new site — Take a look at the Street Vibrations in Reno NV on Sat night Sept 23rd. 3 bands, lots of bikes and of course girls.
394 days ago
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Live for love
395 days ago
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Hey lady's, if your like me and over the age of 20, yeah 20, the aging process has started and won't stop. The body needs Collagen to stay young and your body quite producing enough as soon as you hit 20. Pretty scary if you want my 2 cents. I take a produ
477 days ago
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The thankless job one has when he or in my case she, id the webmaster of an adult themed site. You stay up countless hours, studying things like SEO, link building, and for what? People come by your site, look at the home page and surf on if it doesn't cat
481 days ago
Adrian commented on a site — adult traffic source 
514 days ago
Adrian added new site — adult traffic source 
514 days ago · 1 comments1 comments
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Hey, thinking of getting into the adult web site business? It is a jungle out there, my tip for the day is advertise with Juicy, easy to us, I have been a member for 5 years with no complaints,
625 days ago
Adrian added new blog post

OK girls, here is a link to the boys, sorry I left them out of my prior post, enjoy.  Live Guys on Webcam
625 days ago
Adrian added new blog post

Hi all, as many of you know I do all types of promotions online, many have asked what the best cam site is as far as value, fairness and customer service. I have been with Flirt for 8 years. They are hands down the best. I had as many as 8 accounts for pro
625 days ago
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my comment, lol

Hi guys, I am happy to be here, my blog begins today!!
743 days ago
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